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Texas, TEA Approved Concussion Course



Welcome to the Coaches Edu, LLC Web Site.  Coaches EDU is a web site devoted to the education of coaches of all sports. You will find the courses in the Coaching School Link in the Right Menu Bar. Many of the courses are free to enroll and you will also find that you are allowed to upload your courses within the Coaching School. 

If you wish to join the faculty of Coaches Edu, simply contact us and we will work hard to make sure that you are also to upload your course. If you wish to have a tuition for your course we would certainly agree to collect your tuition for you and forward your tuition to you.

Coaches EDU is not for specific sports, but we are welcome to all coaches of all sports to utilize, as well as athletic directors, athletic trainers and school administrators.

We look forward to your using Coaches Edu for your continued educational needs.

Use Coaches Edu's Texas Educatioin Agency CPE Approved Concussion Course. You will be able to receive your full two hours of training and achieve your two year certification. Enter the coacheing school and create an account to proceed. You will reveive an email to verify your email address. Check in your junk box or set your email to trust e-mails from coachesedu.com.