Coaches EDU, LLC is online to help the coach become a better coach.  We know that there are often times that a coach would like to expand his or her knowledge in their sport and we are online to make the knowledge available to coaches to share.  Within our site you will be able to complete webinars or courses to expand your knowledge of your sport or your athletes. 

We are uploading courses that will be beneficial for coaches that involve nutrition, concussions education as well as coaching techniques.  We will also allow coaches to share their coaching techniques and philosophies on our site.  If you wish to set up a site you simply have to contact us and we can make that happen.  You can also sell your information on our site with a simple and nominal fee for collecting your fee.  Why sell a DVD on an expensive site when you can see your video product here in a digital format?  One DVD sell will only be copied and decrease your sells, so give us a try and see your income grow!

Too get started you only have to register by using the login link on the top right corner.  You will be directed to the login page, where you can register to use our site.  You will need to make sure that your information is correct since the only way to change you profile information is to contact our support team.  You will be sent an email to confirm your registration so you will have to make sure that your email address is correct.  Many of the courses will be free, while you will find that some courses will be associated with a fee.  We do accept credit cards and will also accept a Texas ISD Purchase Order.  Just use the link on index page to find our support and contact information.  We cannot however open the course until the Purchase Order has been received.

The Current Concussion Course is availabe to $19.95, and your certificate will be valid in the State of Texas for TWO years.

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